The Band currently has 20 members. Membership, uniform and instruction is free.

We are led by Pipe Major Rob Bell, Pipe Sergeant is Duncan Bell. Drum Major is James Bell and leading drummer is Ian Cockburn.

The band has a strong learner section. Rob teaches piping while Ian provides instruction in drumming. The band meets every Monday in Coldstream Primary School at 7pm. The band prides itself on the quality of tuition given to young players and a host of pipers and drummers have graduated through its ranks over the years.

Drum Major: - James Bell

Pipers:- Pipe Major:- Rob Bell, Pipe Sergeant:- Peter Scott, Duncan Bell, Bob Lillie, Bill Glen, Gordon Thompson, Frank Mount, Jamie Nicholson, Keith Guthrie, Sophie Douglas, Rory Hamilton, John Lauder, Sam Cockburn.

Drummers:- Leading Drummer:- Ian Cockburn, Chris Browne, James Ditcham, Peter Meikle, Alex Thomson, Chloe MacGregor, Colin Leifer, Neil Moffat.

Committee:- Vice Chairperson:- James Bell, Secretary:- Elspeth Bell, Treasurer:- Carol Cockburn, Alex Thomson, Ian Cockburn, Peter Scott, Duncan Bell, Peter Meikle, Chloe MacGregor, Ged Browne.