Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad Lot

From 50 years ago in the Berwickshire News:

"WITHIN a month of being opened, the new Henderson Park has been the target for vandals, and at Tuesday’s meeting of Coldstream Town Council it was suggested the park might be put out of bounds to school children during their lunch break. Councillor W A Anderson said that children had been running over flower beds, destroying things. Councillor J M Davidson thought a ban on the use of the park by the children during their lunch break might help. Councillor I C Jack said that if this sort of action continued, they must consider taking serious action in the future."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pipeline: BBC Radio Scotland

Sunday 18th June

The always excellent Pipeline programme on Radio Scotland (7pm every Sunday) featured Chris Waite of Chirnside on the small pipes. More to come from Chris soon as a CD of young Border pipers is due to be released.

Listen again on BBC i-player.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

80th Birthday weekend

Celebrations of our 80th Birthday were a huge success; a packed Town Hall enjoyed the evening concert and we even packed the Parish Kirk on the Sunday!

Our friends from Wales, England and France thoroughly enjoyed themselves: pictures to come.

Parade of Colours; 18th June

Next engagement for the Band are the Parade of Colours on 18th June and Chirnside Gala on the 19th.

The trusty Berwickshire has covered the preparation for the Parade of Colours.

Cameron kilts...found safe and well

The missing kilts, which many of us rememebr well, have been found safe and reasonably well. As reported in the Berwickshire News.

Good news that small boys are being weighed down by heavy-duty kilts that have now been in existence almost as long as Bob Lillie!

Getting ready for our 80th Birthday

The Berwickshire News ran a short piece on the Band's preparations for the 80th Birthday weekend.

The lost Cameron kilts

Bob Lillie made the headlines in the Berwickshire back in April.

Were the kilts that were originally the band's uniform ever found?