Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Civic Week 2008

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David Guthrie is Coldstream's resident photograhpic genius. Click on this picture to enter some of his files of the 2007 and 2008 Civic Week's.

Just how wet was the '08 week?

May 2003

The photo-sharing website at often turns up the odd picture of the band and a few minutes searching it can be interesting. It is uncanny how many pictures there are of the bridge over the Tweed and of Coldstream; evidence of the number of people who pass through and stay.

These pictures are from May 2003. The daisies are in full bloom and we are beating a retreat. We've clearly been effective because hardly anyone is watching.
Alastair is playing and some of the Kelso Band are in there too. Who is that playing Bass Drum? I also think that Mr & Mrs Morgan are watching on the bench (top photo), that or a lost pre credit-crunch London City Banker has done a Reggie Perrin and is hiding out in Henderson Park.

This final picture is of the last parade of 1st KOSB through Kelso. Led by a familiar face.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Montbrison memories

The link here should take you to a video of the band in Montbrison 2007.

Civic Week memories

Some things about civic week never change; we march up the High Street for the rideouts, we dodge horse manure and we beat retreat; however, the size and colour of the band has changed over the years.

As these pictures show there are a steady core of players who have been at the heart of the band for many years.

1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's

Monday, July 27, 2009

Message from Ian


The Pipe Band coffee morning is on Saturday 1st August. We will need some volunteers to help out at the coffee morning and some raffle prizes. Can anyone who can come along and help please let me know.

Civic Week isn't far away so here is a list of the events we will be playing at.
Sunday 2nd :- Sashing ceremony. Meet at the Eildon 1:15pm
Monday 3rd :- Norham Ride. Meet at the Eildon at 8:00pmThursday 6th :- Flodden rideout. Meet at the Castle car park at 11:00am.
Thursday 6th Flodden return. Meet at the Besom at 5:00pm.
Friday 7th :- Torchlight. Meet at the Top of Home park at 9:30pm
Saturday 8th :- Fancy dress. Meet at the Top of Home park at 4:00pm.
Saturday 8th :- Unsashing ceremony. Meet at the Besom at 7:00pm.
Can everyone please let me know if they are playing or not.

On Wednesday 5th Rob is putting on an open mic night in the Stable bar at the Besom. There will be a big raffle and all the proceeds will go to the Pipe Band.

The Pipe Band blog has been updated by John Lauder. If anyone wants anything put on the blog please let John or me know.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Quentin Tarantino: I ken't his faither!

Proof; as if it was required, of what a bunch of posers we are. Flodden Day 2007.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kelso civic week

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New piccy from the finale of the Fancy Dress parade.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bookings 2009

The remaining gigs this year are:

Civic Week: 2nd-8th August 2009

Massed Bands: Floors Castle: 30th August

Remembrance Day: 8th November

Practice nights continue!

Kelso Civic Week (2)

It rained a bit!

Kelsae civic week

We played for the annual finale of Kelso's week; the fancy dress parade.

Here we are tuning-up at the Tait Hall.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kelso Civic Week

Message from Ian:

The band will be playing on Saturday evening at Kelso.

Please note this is the 18th not the 17th.

We will be leaving Coldstrream at 5:30 pm from the Eildon. If anyone is going straight to Kelso please be there for 6 pm.

You will find us at the Tait Hall or the Wagon.

Can everyone please let me know if you are coming or not.

Could you also let me know if you are going straight to Kelso. We don't want to be hanging around waiting on someone who isn't coming.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kelso Civic Week

Next engagement is 18th July for the evening fancy dress parade in Kelso.

Camera, lights, action

Parading with the Normandy Highlanders: filmed by Elspeth 'DeMille' Bell;

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bennecourt 2009: a report from the Drummie

The band gathered at the Besom on the evening of Friday the 26th June, for Coldstream Twinning Association’s trip to Bennecourt in France. There was an air of excitement as we loaded the Glen Valley Tour’s bus, and had a last pint before heading south.

After a long night we arrived at Dover, sailing on a Sea France ferry. One thing - the French canny cook an English breakfast! On the other side we had one stop and arrived at Bennecourt at 1.30pm.

After meeting all our friends again and back to our hosts for a quick shower, the band gathered to play in Mantes la Jolie Celtic Festival, which was a late, but financially rewarding, engagement.

Some of the band travelled by host’s car while others were in the community mini bus. We arrived at a square in Mantes, which is a sprawling urban town. There was another pipe band and a Breton pipe band there from Normandy, tuning up. As usual it was organised chaos, but we eventually played our set in front of an appreciative crowd.

The parade started with the Normandy Highlanders Pipe Band following two Police on horses. Coldstream followed, Ged proudly carrying the 1513 club flag, with the Breton band bringing up the rear. We found that we were marching a short distance then stopping with the Normandy Band starting as we were still playing. Not very good at all so, at the next pit stop, James asked the Normandy PM if he would like both our bands to play together. After a quick chat with Rob about which tunes we could all play together, we set off as a mini massed band. After about three times round the same streets, and a chance meeting with the little Italian from International Show Parade, we eventually arrived at the festival site. After a couple of beers, we bid farewell to our new friends from NH pipe band and back to Bennecourt for the welcome meal.

On Sunday we played on the banks of the Seine at a picnic and boy was it hot. The band really appreciated our new polo shirts.

Our next engagement was to play at an outdoor concert on Tuesday evening. Again the band performed well in the somewhat cooler conditions. That was the last official engagement, though the pipes could be heard in Bennecourt every night, sometimes very late.

On Thursday evening a short service was held for former pipe band member Stuart Tait who died on the day we left Coldstream. Peter played last post and reveille, while James lowered the 1513 club saltire, then Rob played Over the Sea to Skye, which was one of Stuart’s favourite tunes.

All in all it was another good trip for the band and we are expected back next year around the second week in July, for Bastille Day.

Meat is Murder!

But no-one has told the French!

Bennecourt 7


Cockburn's and Moffat's invade Paris, no arrests reported!

Bennecourt 6

Evening jamming-sessions are a big part of the touring experience:

Bennecourt 5

The heat has a certain effect on Drummers:
Drummers getting ready:

Drummers are ready:

Bennecourt 4

Smartly up the street during the Bennecourt Tour:

Joint bands ootside the bakers:

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lance Armstrong beware!

Lance Armstrong not the only former champion making a return to the Tour de France!

Bennecourt (3)

Bennecourt (2)

Trip to Bennecourt

Gig in Coldstream: 11th July

Saturday 11th July:
The antidote to hot summer nights is here! One seriously chilled night of music is coming to Coldstream Community Centre!
Folky blues, duets and foot-tapping soul will get you in the mood for the weekend, and ranging from Neil Young to Ella Fitzgerald there will be tunes to suit all manner of tastes, not forgetting the fabulous line-up, including Tamsin Hughes Davidson, Anna Emmins and Lizzie Bell with the full band (including Rachel Cross on fiddle), plus Bobby Hanlon ready to join the gals in roof-raising song.
The bar will be open and the lights will be low so shake yourselves up to come to Coldstream Saturday July 11th.
Doors open 7:30
£5 Entry
Look out for details in local press.
Tickets can be bought in advance by calling 01890 882211 or emailing