Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Post

April is a bit tardy to be updating the blog for the first time in'08, but as the season begins it's a good point to remind ourselves what's been happening.

Thanks to Scott and Laura Melville, the couple who booked us for their wedding at Ford Castle, for their kind comments - it was a pleasure to play for you.

Next up is Pipey Bell in the Berwick Advertiser helping a French couple get married: Photo above.

Bob Liddle, one of our musical virtuoso's, has a new website at Bob has some good pics of the band on his site.

Gareth has been installed as this years Coldstreamer, congratulations to him. More at He also has a Bebo site at with some good pictures of the band, one from Flodden Day above.

And finally, a review of our trip to Ortiguera has emerged, see here

That's all for now, more soon.