Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Window on Flodden

The Flodden window, Middleton Parish Church of Saint Leonard, Rochdale, Lancashire.

The window depicts The Middleton Archers and their leader Sir Richard Asheton who helped the English to victory at Flodden. The church was built in 1524 by Sir Richard, in celebration of the knighthood granted to him by Henry VIII for his part in the battle.

The window is thought to be the oldest war memorial in the UK. It provides in detail the names of the archers, their leader Sir Richard and his wife. Following his safe return, Sir Richard hung his battle armour as well as the sword of Sir William Foreman, a Scots Knight he had captured. (Information from the Rochdale Company of Archers).

Piping music site

A very useful website has been launched for those hard to get, Willie Kinghorn, style 6/8's: http://www.ceolsean.net/

It might have drumming music; if there is such a thing......