Friday, August 29, 2008

Surfing the web

There is a game played by all office workers called 'ego-surf'. This is where you put your own name into Google and see what comes up.

I appreciate that this only confirms the view of 'real' workers that those sitting at desks are feckless, idle, chancers. But, I thought so what, here we go with a new game called 'band-surf':

Rob Bell: see (this is a bit spooky)

Ian Cockburn: see (he is looking older these days. Does Carol know?)

Logan Parsons:

Gordon Thompson: (More talented than he appears!)

Pierre Scoot:

James Bell: (This explains a lot)

Duncan Bell:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Floors Catle massed bands 25th August

A big band had a good day out. Two of the younger members particularly enjoyed themselves.
"When the music was good it was good, but when it was bad it was very bad". That about sums up the day.
Clearly a bit of work is needed to get the music more polished. Although the crowd seemed happy with what they saw and heard, the players knew better. The Pipe Major's will need to look again at how the event is run, placing all the responsibility on one Drum Major is tough going, particularly when the perfomance and confidence of the players is poor.