Thursday, January 14, 2010

Down at the station 2

Opened in 1849 and closed in 1965, the line ran from Tweedmouth to Kelso with another line branching off, south of Cornhill to Alnwick via Wooler.

Little evidence of the station now, save the name of the housing estate which replaced it: Station Gardens.

Down at the Station

Here's a pub-quiz question.

Q: Name the railway line that had a Scottish station in England and an English station in Scotland?

A: The Tweedmouth to Kelso line. Coldstream station was at Cornhill and Carham station was in Scotland.

Here are some pictures, more to follow, of Coldstream station from the very excellent Northumbrian Railways website at:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mystery drummer assits Long March

Apprentices at Rutherford's were frequently sent to the stores to ask for a long stand.

Ninety Coldstream Guardsmen of 7th Company are, however, now engaged in a long march to re-enact the foundation of the regiment when, in 1650, and taking the name of our town, they marched South to help King Charles II re-claim the throne, the fools.

Donations in recognition of the march can be made here:

The Guardsmen were led by the Core of Drums and a mystery bass drummer.