Monday, August 31, 2009

Floors Castle Massed Bands

To Floors Castle for the annual massed bands. Ho hum. Lots of people watching, which must have gladdened the heart of the Chookie Roxburgh who pays us to entertain the tourists while they tour the house, watch the other attractions, spend money, etc.

We were the lead band this year. A great turn-out saw us there in good numbers. (Pictures by Charlotte Lauder).

Over 180 pipers and drummers were on parade, with bands from a' the airts: Dalkeith, North Berwick, Melrose, Hawick, Berwick, Eyemouth, Duns and Kelso. The military band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland were also there to provide a bit of clarinet tootling.

Coldstream featured very strongly this year; we were the lead band for the day: Rob led the pipe majors and selected the tunes, Ian was lead drummer and led the drummers call, Peter played the Royal Salute on the bugle and James was lead drum major and kept the entire show on the road. No mean feat, which he delivered to a very high standard.

As ever, some of the playing was erratic, starts and stops were better this year than previously, but the volume still went up and down like the proverbial fiddlers elbow. The finale was a hilarious, free-jazz fusion of pick a tune, any tune, and play it in whatever order you want. Many thanks to the military band, who led with their own, unique, timing.

Otherwise, this was a good day out and brought to an end our summer season, which began back in June at Cockburnspath. Over the summer, the band has been out in great numbers and it is heartening to see how many young players, pipers and drummers, are now coming through the training programme and featuring regularly as members of the band. It is also good to see people returning to the band, Peter has returned after his service with the army and Graeme Tait, who is now an army recruiter, was also playing with us on Sunday.
More news as it comes, including various oppor-chancities of tours in Germany!

Friday, August 21, 2009

David Guthrie's civic week gallery

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What a happy bunch!

Lots of great pictures of the band can be found at David Guthrie's gallery by clicking on the picture.

Coffee morning

The coffee morning was very successful and raised £373.

Open mic' night

Rob's open mic night continues to be a big success for the band and a good fund-raiser too, this year the raffle raised £500. Below is a video of two of the stars of the night!

Civic Week 2009

The Band enjoyed a very successful Civic Week this year. Fair weather and good numbers maintained the band's high standing in the town and ensured every event had a sense of occaision.

The quality of our performances were excellent and brought many compliments from locals and visitors alike. Well done everybody.

The next Pipe band outing is at Floors Castle on 30th August. We are the leading band on the day so we will need a good turn out.

Band practice will resume on Monday night at the school at 7-pm. Can all the drummers please be at band practice at 7pm so we can go through the drummers call for Floors Castle.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coldstream Civic Week

Civic Week and the excitement is getting to everyone: particularly Duncan!

Picture courtesy of Marcela Bagarollo, presumably on holiday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Civic Week

Pictures from Rebecca of this year's civic week. More images to come in the future.